Thursday, January 16, 2014

Foggy Bottom...Nashville Mornings

Do you have a favorite kind of morning? Kind of like a favorite kind of day, but just the early hours? Most people would say they like a sunny day, about 75 degrees...maybe even on a beach. I dig days like that.
But when it comes to mornings, I'm totally different. I absolutely LOVE foggy mornings in Nashville. I drive through Warner park on my way to work and it's just slightly hilly, so when it's foggy and the sun is shining behind the's heaven to drive through in the morning. 
See what I mean?
Do you get foggy mornings where you live? What makes you happy during your morning commute?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Get Pretty With It

I'm torn on my favorite part of watching the Golden Globes. I love the fashion, but I also love watching the stars sit in the same room and socialize. They are just like us! Except their clothes cost a million times more than ours. Little details people! 

Here's my quick list of favorites from the 2014 Golden Globes. Who were your favorites??
Kate Beckinsale - Zuhair Murad
Margot Robbie - Gucci
Olivia Wilde - Gucci Premiere
All pictures from E!Online.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Guess who's back, back again...

Heeeeeeeey! Long time no chat, amirite? Well, what better day to come back than a Friday! {We all know an impending weekend gives us courage and motivation!} I have been thinking about this ol' blog a lot lately, and I'm happy to be back, at least for a bit. I've missed my creative outlet! And boy do I need one right now! Work, home, everything is just so busy.

I've started this year with a goal in mind. Not a resolution, but just a little push to get myself going in what I think is the right direction. I am a creative person, and when I don't take the time to do my creative thang, I get a little cranky. Kinda like when we get hungry and it turns into hangry.
No one wants that! 

So, I've decided to make a point to take the time to do a few things here and there each month to help keep my creative juices flowing. Here are five that are currently on my radar....{5 for Friday!}
1. Start knitting. I bought an awesome how-to book and got a few pointers from Ryan's granny and YouTube. I haven't necessarily hit the ground running yet, but I have learned a few things and I've started my first project. It's harder than I thought it would be, and I love that part of it.

2. Signed up for a calligraphy class. I love writing letters, cards, etc. I thought it would be awesome to learn calligraphy (I wish I would have done this before the wedding!). It's through a local business called The Skillery...maybe I'll get to meet some other creatives during the class.
3. Finish yearly photo albums. I have yearly photo albums (real photos, not photo books) up to 2011. I need to finish 2012 and create 2013. I love sitting down to go through all of my photos and organizing them by month! #memories

4. Create a wedding coffee table book. I have started a few through different websites, but haven't been impressed with any of the online tools that I've used so far. Does anyone have a suggestion??

5. Try more new recipes. Being creative in the kitchen is so fun! This might sound silly, but I get bored easily when it comes to cooking the same old recipes all the time. I'll share a few of my new favorites soon!
What do you do when you need some creativity in your life?